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Frequently Asked Questions


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Poor and marginalised Nigerians who are excluded from the formal sector and usually resident in rural communities.

Currently Nigeria

Our campaigns are currently focused on removing barriers to identity access, but we are also engaging on issues including pricing, distribution and payments systems.

We work on any issues that affect the inclusion of marginalised communities, with a particular focus on financial inclusion.

We deliver evidence-based advocacy campaigns on issues that affect excluded populations in Nigeria. We believe in partnership, and work with relevant stakeholders in the ecosystem to deliver sustainable outcomes.


The Inclusion For All website is built on the Takwimu.Africa open source framework. All data is managed on our Google Big Query data warehouse. The visualisation engine for this site is Google Data Studio, enabling ease of access and collaboration with partners in the African data advocacy space. The front end is a progressive web app built in Vue.js on a Firebase back end - offering a high degree of reusability and opportunity to publish additional front end sites over these or other data collections. We are currently in the process of fully open sourcing our use of these technologies and welcome enquiries from organisations interested in working with us to extend data visualisation capability for development policy engagement and progress.

The data sets used in the Inclusion for all site are selected to reflect a variety of thematic focus areas that evolve over time, but are all chosen on the basis of the insights they provide on excluded populations access to services. Data sets are cleaned, ordered and then interrogated to identity and assess patterns across a range of demographics including poverty, education, age, gender and region.

How to use this site

The charts embedded on the Inclusion for all site are hosted as publicly available Google Data studio charts and users have direct access to all the Google Data Studio functionality, including the ability to apply a variety of filters to the data, where they are embedded. This is designed to allow the user to explore and understand trends and patterns in the data for themselves. Charts can be downloaded from Google Data Studio directly in PDF format, or can be embedded in your own website by clicking through to Google Data Studio and selecting the share button.

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